The Paleontological Museum

in Montevarchi


The Paleontological Museum in Montevarchi is part of the Accademia Valdarnese Del Poggio’s heritage, and situated in the spaces of the old Franciscan cloister of San Ludovico.


The Museum collects about 2600 findings, coming nearly exclusively from the Upper Valdarno, aged between the upper Pliocene and the lower Pliocene.

Relevant, from the collection, are the plant fossils, like the Junglans tephrodes walnuts and the Platanus aceroides leaves, and a rich collection of animal fossils. Important are the Elephas meridionalis (a Proboscidea of majestic dimensions that could surpass the 4 meters at the withers and reach the 200 quintals in weight), the skull of a Machairodus meganteron, the so-called “saber-toothed tiger”, named after the dimension of its upper canines.